Friday, August 27, 2010

The Quest to Find My "Star Player"

One of my favorite comedians is a shrimpy pimp-of-a-man named Katt Williams. His style isn't for everyone I suppose but it suits me to a "T". In one of his stand-up sets he talks about a man who ran for a living and who by some freakish force of nature became a double amputee and still continued to run. I'm posting the clip so you can witness this gem for yourself. Beware, he speaks cuss like it's flavored water.

So after struggling quite a bit in MANY areas of my life over the summer, I've determined that it's time I get in touch with my "star player". I fully believe that in order to get over yourself you must set aside a few moments to purge and spew your wicked thoughts and foul feelings about everything that bothers you... And then move on. I'm lucky enough to have one of the greatest bff's in the whole world with whom I can purge. But the time has come for me to SUCK. IT. UP! I've spent so much time this summer bitching and moaning about the heat and humidity and why I can't run in it that if I'd devoted 1/3 of that same effort to actually shutting up and running I'd probably be 10 pounds lighter by now. My right knee has been giving me some trouble but not enough to keep me off my feet, and my ankles are always stiff when I start my runs but seldom enough to make me stop. I have physical struggles (namely my hip and neck) that make some days more difficult than others but I really don't have much right to complain the way I do.

My son came in from school today talking about how much fun he had playing volleyball at P.E. Then he informs me that some of the kids blamed him for losing the game for his team because he missed some of the balls that came in his direction. I must admit that my boy is not the most athletically adept child and he's a bit shaky on his feet sometimes. He moves awkwardly and is more silly than savvy. But he has damn near unshakable confidence. He sings and dances and auditions for every major part in the annual school plays (and gets them too). And by the way, he does neither one very well... He wants to enter EVERY contest he hears about. He wants to be the winner and the best at everything. He came in 2nd in AR points last year and still mopes when he thinks about not winning the trophy. But it hasn't kept him from setting that same goal this year. He'll go back to school Monday and enjoy playing volleyball just as much as he did today because he's in touch with his star player. Michael Gene McCoy has the confidence that carries him through his scrapes and losses with a burning hope for better things to come. He believes in himself because he's never listened to a single soul who told him he "couldn't". What makes him so special is not that he wins or is the best at everything, it's that despite his losses he continues to believe he can be the best.  That's the star player I'm talking about! The one that loses and believes she wins because she had a great time giving it all she had. The star player gives a ball it's bounce and a tire it's tread. It gives dirt some flavor ('cause at some point most of us have to eat a little) and it's the bite that holds back the tears when all we want to do is feel sorry for ourselves...

My star player has been patiently waiting for me to arrive. I think I'll get in touch with her and go for a run.

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